In the 90s, players drank beers to recover

Today, in high-level sport, athletes benefit from exceptional means at their disposal in terms of physical preparation, recovery and care. Many players who played in the NBA before the 2000s did not have the longevity they would have been promised if they were born a few decades later.

Scott Brooksthe former coach of OKC and the Washington Wizards, had mentioned in the Crossover NBA Show by Chris Mannix the recommendations that were made to him at the time after the matches, when he played in Philadelphia, Houston or Dallas in the 80s and 90s. Let me warn you, it’s quite surprising.

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“We are lucky today. In terms of food, after the matches, we had salty pretzels. I hope we will never go back to that. Before going to the shower, we had to drink two beers. It was part of our recovery program to be ready to play the next game.

They had the feeling that all this gave us back the minerals that we had lost in the match that we had just played. In the locker room, there was also a machine that sold sodas. On the bottom row, it said fruit cocktail, but it was more like Miller Lite.”

The players’ food hygiene was clearly not optimal, but it was not entirely their fault.

Well, Larry Bird frequently whistled beers between matches and players have abused strong alcohol the day before matches since the dawn of time. Luckily for the quality of the show and the careers of the current athletes, things have still changed drastically overall.

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