Ian Poveda lost consciousness: hard clash of heads Lanús vs Aldosivi | Argentine League

Without a doubt, the match between Lanús and Aldosivi in ​​which the latter got the result in favor was not the most important thing on the Argentine date. What was a real blow happened 52 minutes into the match due to a clash of heads between defender Ian Escobar and forward Iván Cazal. Escobar never saw his mark, and when he went to put his head on the ball, he ended up meeting Cazal’s.

The match was interrupted, and the final result no longer mattered. What he was interested in was finding out how the health of Ian Escobar, Aldosivi’s left back, was, the team that kept the three points. As soon as Escobar felt Iván Cazal’s head, he collapsed to the ground. The commotion was enormous at the Ciudad de Lanús Stadium due to the uncertainty that surrounded the defender.

Once he collapsed, great concern for Ian Escobar’s health and condition was shown. The faces of the Lanús and Aldosivi players accompanied the difficult moment that was being experienced. The ambulance arrived and removed Escobar from the field of play. According to local media, he had seizures and became unconscious.

The match was stopped as soon as the very hard clash of heads happened, and the referee recognized the sensitive moment that was being lived in the grass of the Lanús stadium. Fortunately, in the environment of the Aldosivi club, they maintain that Ian Escobar has already regained consciousness.


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