“I watched a ‘devil video’ of the women’s basketball club at an off-line meeting.” ” | PRESIDENT Online

“I watched the women’s basketball club’s ‘devil video’ at an off-line meeting.”
Reality of organized voyeurism #2

“Charisma of Voyeurism” Suspect Karin Saito Arrested Continuing from the “Despicable Mechanism” Revealed by a Member of the Crime Group “On the Golden Week Holidays Where Young Women Gather, the Group Goes on a “Hot Spring Voyeur Trip”

In December last year, the Shizuoka Prefectural Police arrested Karin Saito (49), who is known as the “charisma of voyeurism.” Even just the cases that have been filed cover a wide range of locations such as Hokkaido, Hyogo, and Kanagawa.

The interview team contacted former group A, who had been with Saito at the scene. “#1”, A spoke on the condition of absolute anonymity about Saito’s “front face” and “back face”.

As the interview progressed further, what emerged was the reality of sneaky “off meetings” and “requested voyeurism” where multiple people gathered to watch voyeur videos. (2nd of 2 times/read the first part

Suspect Karin Saito, known as “charisma of voyeurism” (from his SNS)

The personal information of the girls in the basketball club that I voyeured…

Tsukuba, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, located in Ibaraki prefecture. At night, in a room of a lodging facility in this land of tranquil rural scenery, about five men in yukata have gathered. When I connected my laptop to the TV with an HD cable, the everyday scenes of the female basketball club members were projected. It is said that what was shown next was a voyeur video of them soaking in an open-air bath.

A testifies to this.

“Saito gathered familiar voyeuristic friends and buyers and held voyeuristic videos and held “off-line meetings”. It will be held in the room.

A video of a female student was shown there. Every spring, the basketball team comes to a training camp at a hot spring facility in a certain prefecture, and Saito was filming the bathing video. Furthermore, there are those who check the SNS of individual female students to obtain photos of their daily lives, and there are those who go out of their way to secretly take pictures of practices and school festivals.”



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