I don’t play scales. I will easily go with a 120-kilogram or 80-kilogram guy, Procházka surprised

4. 8. 2022

Author: Ondřej Huml

Who will Jiří Procházka fight next?PHOTO: with the consent of Jiří Procházka

He is the reigning UFC champion and with the patience of his own he accepts the challenges of all those who would like him to turn for the belt. However, his path is quite clear. And it’s far from just light heavyweight. As the twenty-nine-year-old native of Hostěradice revealed in a recent interview for Startitup, he will calmly attack the throne in other divisions as well.

First of all, however, he must defend the title he lost to Glover Teixera on June 12. It was with him that he planned a rematch, which made the Pole Jan Blachowicz sad. The former king, who subsequently accused him of violating the samurai code.

“What is this nonsense? What samurai code? It has nothing to do with it! I just told him that I see him as the biggest challenge and I would like to defend with him, I said that right after the match. But that doesn’t mean that I violated something. I think everyone feels where the truth is. Sometimes fighters simply try too hard to arouse emotions in the other person,” Procházka became upset.

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He pointed at Teixeira because he wants to show him a clean fight. And show everyone that he is a better fighter than him. “Blachowicz is a challenge for me mainly because of how skillful he is in his attitude. But as for Glover, I haven’t seen such a hard rock for a long time, who just goes, takes a lot of things and doesn’t let it put him down. When you have as much self-confidence as he does, you don’t have to be mean to no one and you can be completely fine,” added the Czech champion.

And he outlined his next plans. “I have a clear point of view. This is to defend the title and keep the lead in the light heavyweight. And if it comes to that, aim for another weight category. I don’t believe in the weight classes in this, I don’t play them. I have to lose up to 93 kilos for the match, so I’ll throw them in because those are the rules. But I’ll go with a 120-pound guy or an 80-pound guy. It’s just a matter of how you can control your abilities and skills anyway. When you realize that everything is in your mind, then the way is open,” noted Procházka, who, however, out of respect for the other rulers of his divisions, does not intend to challenge anyone.

Well, at least now, the situation may be different in the future. Will we see the Walk sitting on two thrones?



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