I did not prohibit them from training, I have seen them once: DT of Llaneros after controversy with Argentine players | sports blog

This Friday, August 12, he passed through the microphones of Blog Deportivo the technician of Llaneros de Villavicencio, Jerson Gonzalez, spoke about the complaints made by two Argentine players, who argue that they owe them two months salary and also they don’t let them train with the first team.

“I want to publicly state that I understand this topicI was also a player. I will always say that the player must be self-critical and sincere when saying things as they are“, said.

Jerson argued that when he arrived in Llaneros he did it with great enthusiasm and defended the management of the president of the club, because according to him, “he is very clear with everyone”.

I spoke with the players and told them that I was not going to take them into account, because I bring my group, I did not know them and what little I saw when I arrived did not seem to me to be in line with what I wanted in my game model. I was very clear,” she stated.

Gonzalez stressed that at no time has he prohibited them from training and he confessed that the situation of the players makes him sad for the same reason that he also had this profession.

Also, the coach emphasized that salaries are up to date: “I have taken the audacity to ask the president about the payments and everything is up to date. Prepaid medicine is the responsibility of each person to pay for it”.

“You have to get to the training ground, I only saw them once in the locker room. The colleagues tell me that they go and stay in the medical department, they make an appearance and nothing else, ”she concluded.

Finally, and speaking of his work as a coach, Jersson explained that his methodology has certain rules, for example, prohibit the cell phone in the dining room so that the players share with each other. Something that he pointed out and serves for the training of these young footballers.



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