I bet on the failure of Sparta, claims Švancara. He easily understands Kucht’s short circuit

“I didn’t believe in Sparta, it’s not cool, I even bet on the fact that Liberec won’t lose at Letná. However, the biggest surprise for me is the big loss to Baník,” says former forward Petr Švancara in his comments after the first league round.

The league started with big shocks, the best teams from last year did not win, they were bounced from the others: Pilsen, Slavia and Sparta, even though they played at home. However, the biggest surprise for me was the heavy defeat of Baník at home against Olomouc.

I did not believe in Sparta, they are not doing well, after being eliminated from the European Cup, I assumed that Liberec coach Luboš Kozel would prepare the team and not lose at Letná. I also bet on that in my ticket.

Slavia lost to Hradec, that’s exactly the kind of match when you don’t convert chances – but Slavia didn’t create many – and the opponent gets the most out of the minimum. On the contrary, the match between Pilsen and Teplice was beautiful for the fans, up and down, there was a lot to see. It turned out how difficult the first round is for the favorites. Opponents get hot on them, they want to pull out.

Teplice newcomer Jakub Urbanec, that’s a wonderful story that I really like. He had to go for the penalty at the end, which could have given the home side victory over the defending champion! Who else but the fighter who scored two goals in the match? If he changed her, that would be great. The worst part is that he didn’t kick her completely stupid. I’ve seen far worse. That’s why I would pick more the goalkeeper Staňko’s save, he read it well, caught the side and saved Pilsen at least a point.

Another story is the Spartan Jan Kuchta and his expulsion. It was a short circuit that is collected during the last fortnight. He heard enough from the Slavists that he did not return to their team, then came the cup disharmony. He is frustrated that he is not getting the service he needs from his teammates, and he didn’t convert the ball against Liberec. In the final, he took out his anger on the opponent’s goalkeeper. It’s unsportsmanlike, it’s bad.

However, I understand him easily, I remind him easily. I also kicked someone in the 70th minute when it didn’t work, I bent over. They are stupid shortcuts, it is bad PR for him and towards the national team, he will receive a heavy punishment. I’m not defending him, there’s no way he should have done it, kicking someone in the head is inexcusable. I’m just saying that sometimes it happens in that state of mind. The pressure is huge on him, it was building up inside him.

As I said before, the biggest surprise for me is that Baník got such a hard time at home. After how spectacularly he celebrated the anniversary, how he presented himself in the media, when the owner admitted a high budget. To this, the beloved coach Pavel Vrba has returned, they are doing everything to ensure that European cups are played in Ostrava again. And now such a disappointment!

Jablonec also lost at home to Bohemka by three goals, but I’m not surprised in his case. He was robbed of personnel, we know the financial problems of the club, the worries of owner Miroslav Pelta. I like coach David Horejš, I support him, but in a situation where key players left him, it will be difficult for him.

I am very satisfied with how my Brno returned to the first league scene. We played an excellent game against Slovakia, it was attacking football, both teams could have won, even with a bigger margin. After the match, everyone applauded, fans of both the guests and the home team thanked the players for the game they played, for what they showed. I say – just more matches like this, that would only be good for the league. It’s just a matter of both teams being able to maintain their form.



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