How is Teofilo Gutierrez doing? Deportivo Cali doctor talks about his state of health

A concern was generated this Friday night when Deportivo Cali striker Teófilo Gutiérrez had to be transferred to a medical center in Barrancabermeja after suffering a severe shock in the duel in which his team equaled 4-4 with Alianza Petrolera, game of the eighth day of the Colombian League.

The attacker was hit in the 88th minute by a defender and the Petrolera goalkeeper that caused him a head injury with loss of consciousness and a head injury, as confirmed by doctor Gustavo Portela. Fortunately, the experienced striker was discharged and returned with his teammates to the Valle del Cauca capital.

“Teo” received a trauma on the right side that caused a loss of consciousness initially, without a seizure process. Concomitantly there was a wound of approximately six centimeters, it was necessary to transfer him to a health center, we performed cervical X-rays, a CT brain and a neurological assessment, everything was normal,” Portela said this Saturday in a chat with the Gol Caracol portal.

Portela gave details of his time at the care center where the rigorous exams were carried out.

“We were in the health institution until four in the morning; he was discharged and at this moment we are going to move to the city of Cali. He is still in an observation process, he is in very good condition at this time,” added the Green and White doctor.

Téofilo must have absolute rest in the next few days and be under permanent medical observation.

“At this time it is observation, to monitor the headache, dizziness, that he sleeps a lot, post-trauma symptoms, but he has evolved very well, he did a good process. He has us calm that the assessment of neurological exams, the CT, diagnostic images are completely negative,” he concluded.

Deportivo Cali is preparing the duel against Jaguares this coming week, a match postponed from date 1 of the League and which will take place next Thursday at 8:00 pm, in Palmaseca.


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