Hervé Beddeleem (executive director of Gravelines) criticizes the invitation of Paris Basketball to the Eurocoupe

In the middle of the Betclic Élite final between Monaco and Asvel, the cast of the Eurocoupe, the antechamber of the Euroleague, created controversy in French basketball. Respectively 11th and 15th in the Championship, Bourg-en-Bresse and Paris Basket inherited an invitation, to the detriment, in particular, of Boulogne-Levallois, third. For the executive director of Gravelines, Hervé Beddeleem, the choice of the Parisian club is incomprehensible.

« Frankly, you have to do it, save yourself on the last day of the Championship (against Boulogne-Levallois) and get a wildcard “, he replied on Twitter to a post from the National Basketball League returning to the” successful first season of Paris in the elite.

« A first so successful that we fire the coach “, added the northern leader, in reference to the arrival of Will Weaver on the bench of the Parisian club to replace Jean-Christophe Prat. Twelfth, Gravelines finished with the same record as Paris Basketball (13 wins in 34 matches).



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