Hefei badminton free venue Hefei Jianxiang badminton hall how to charge?

How does Hefei Jianxiang Badminton Hall charge?

1. Hefei Gymnasium. There is a badminton hall in the hall, and the price is 15/hour from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 20/hour in the afternoon, and 25/hour in the evening. Just on Lu’an Road, you can get there by taking No. 109 or No. 10. 2. Annon University Gymnasium. Enter the main entrance and turn left, and you will arrive at the badminton hall in a while, 20/hour all day. You can take 114 to 3. The badminton hall opposite China Unicom is on the 3rd floor. 10/hour in the morning, 20/hour in the afternoon and evening. Take 137 to get there. 4. Anhui Provincial Gymnasium. On Ma’anshan Road, you can also take 109.It seems to be 25/hour all day.

What indoor basketball venues are there in Hefei?

FIT is basically about 20 yuan an hour or two hours

Where can I play badminton for free in Hefei?

In addition to the Provincial Sports Commission and the Municipal Sports Commission

1. There are two new venues on the left side of the door leading to the sports school on the edge of Tongqing Building on Ma’anshan Road. The second one is on the second floor. It is open every day, usually from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning, and from 2:00 to 9:00 in the evening It’s half past ~~ is that the cost may be a little higher.

2. An indoor basketball hall in Taining Garden includes a basketball court, badminton court, gym, billiards room. The chess and card room is a good place for everyone to entertain and relax.

3. In Anhui Agricultural University, if you have played at Agricultural University, you should know where the new field is. The comprehensive hall is next to the new field.

4. The new campus of Hefei University of Technology has a professional indoor basketball court for the training of the CUBA professional team of the University of Technology. The second floor of the training ground of the comprehensive hall is not accessible, and the first floor is open to the public. I went this summer and it was just too far away. Over at Emerald Lake.

5. Hefei Olympic Sports Center, an indoor professional basketball court, is generally inaccessible to play. If you want to play in the Olympic Sports Center, you need to open a lot of certificates, which is more troublesome.

6. The indoor court of Hefei No. 1 Middle School is okay. I used to go there often when I was in high school. The premise is that the school team does not train and there are no ceremonial activities. There is one more point. Students must wear it, otherwise the doorman very annoying,

7. You should know Jin Haitang, the bath center is on Mengcheng North Road. I often go to the 2nd floor to play indoors, 30 yuan per hour, the disadvantage is that there are no basketball shoes, after all, they are a bathing center, but it is very refreshing to come down and take a bath after playing.



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