Healthy life “feather” inspection peers – Wuhua District Procuratorate held a badminton competition for employees

Healthy life “feather” inspection peers – Wuhua District Procuratorate held a badminton competition for employees

Release time: 2022-08-04 15:07:19

Source of information: Wuhua District People’s Procuratorate

Editor: Ding Lingling

Review: Chen Linming

Final judgment: Liu Yakun

In order to actively respond to the national fitness, vigorously strengthen the construction of procuratorial culture, advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, improve the overall quality of employees, stimulate the enthusiasm of police officers, and encourage more procurators to devote themselves to “being a good vanguard, five inspections are in good physical and mental state”. “Striving to be the first” big discussion big competition, from July 20 to July 22, the Trade Union Committee of the Wuhua District People’s Procuratorate organized the staff of the hospital to hold the 2022 staff badminton competition.

This competition includes men’s singles and women’s singles. All staff of the hospital actively signed up to participate and made adequate preparations for the competition.



In the game, the players were high-spirited, tried their best, carefully summed up every scoring experience, and performed every attack and defense to the fullest.



After fierce competition, in the men’s singles event, Wang Guocong won the championship, Gao Shaowei won the runner-up, and Liu Xin won the third runner-up.


In the women’s singles event, Zhang Linshan won the championship, Wang Jue won the runner-up, and Li Yan won the third runner-up. So far, the competition has come to a successful conclusion.


This competition enriched the employees’ amateur cultural life, mobilized the employees’ enthusiasm for sports, created an atmosphere of physical fitness, deepened the feelings and friendship between the employees, and enhanced the cohesion of the procuratorial team. At the same time, the style and the level of the competition have fully demonstrated the high-spirited and enterprising style and tenacious sportsmanship of the employees of the Wuhua District Procuratorate, so that the majority of employees can face the next work with a fuller and more positive attitude. and life.




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