“He took the baseball bat and …”

Almost ten years after the break between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez new backstories and secrets emerge. At La Tarde, an Argentine program broadcast on America TV, Luis Ventura blurted out the real reason that led the entrepreneur and the former football player to separate. Apparently the relationship between Wanda and Icardi it would have been only the consequence of a marriage already broken due to the constant betrayals of the former Torino forward. “Maxi Lopez kept going out with other girls and even taking them to his house”, said the reporter. A difficult situation to sustain that would have pushed Nara to an extreme gesture, as added by the other reporter Diego Estevez: “She grabbed a baseball bat and destroyed all of her husband’s cars.”

The relationship today between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez

After a legal battle lasting several years today Wanda Nara e Maxi Lopez they have found harmony and serenity. They decided to make peace for the sake of the three children in common: Valentino, Benedicto and Constantino. Last year, among other things, Maxi was very close to his ex-wife after the flirting rumors between Mauro Icardi and the Argentine actress and singer China Suarez. The Paris Saint-Germain player and his wife-agent were one step away from divorce but then decided to give their union a new chance.

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