Hat Frankfurt Galaxy den Football-Fokus lost?

Hat Frankfurt Galaxy den Football-Fokus lost?

Ob the mountain air has gone to the heads of the protagonists of the Frankfurt Galaxy? One had to assume after the eighth game of the season that the American football team won 30:29 against the Panthers Wrocław on Sunday evening, but that also revealed blatant weaknesses – and in a way completely contradictory to what coach Thomas Kösling was doing actually made.

After the previous game in the European League of Football (ELF) against the Cologne Centurions, there were remarkable scenes at the press conference. Head coach Kösling spoke of a mental blockage in his players, which was triggered by the great pressure of expectations and the increased public attention for last year’s winner of the ELF championship. This mental blockage was mainly responsible for the fact that Frankfurt started most of their games with considerable initial difficulties – and ended up losing three of them.

Galaxy goes under completely at first

Kösling therefore called for calm and prudence before the away game in Poland; Switch off your head, don’t think about football, solve the mental blockade, only to have to witness how those responsible at Galaxy quickly transformed the actually planned bus trip to Breslau into a high-profile PR campaign for one of their fellow partners.

In addition to numerous other investments, it also owns a German airline, which provided a plane with the Galaxy logo for the team and brought the team, including the coaching and support staff, to a duel with the Panthers by charter flight. The campaign, which is probably unique in European football and staged accordingly, especially in social media, achieved the desired publicity, but the focus on the essentials, football, should look different.

And that’s how the game went: Kösling had to watch as his team went under completely in the first two quarters, hardly achieved anything offensively and had major problems defensively, especially in the pass defense. “It was probably the weakest half of the current season,” summed up the Frankfurt team, who were now 0:20 behind.


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