Gyeongnam badminton club and Hadong County Association long-term badminton competition completed

Hadong-gun, over 1600 Yeonghonam badminton clubs and families gathered in Hadong to show off their skills

▲ Gyeongnam badminton club and Hadong County Association long-term badminton competition completed

[뉴스앤톡] Hadong-gun announced on the 8th that it successfully held the Gyeongnam Badminton Club Badminton Tournament and the 4th Hadong County Association Long-Term Badminton Tournament at Hadong Gymnasium and two auxiliary stadiums for two days on the 6th and 7th.

Hosted and supervised by the Hadong-gun Badminton Association, a total of 450 teams, 1000 players and 600 families, including not only 18 city and county clubs in the province, but also nearby Suncheon and Gwangyang badminton clubs, participated in this competition. added heat.

The opening ceremony on the 7th was attended by officials such as County Governor Ha Seung-cheol, Provincial Assemblyman Kim Gu-yeon, County Council Vice-Chairman Kang Hee-soon, Military Sports Association Vice Chairman Lee Gap-jae, Gyeongnam Badminton Association President Lee Man-gi, Hadong-gun Badminton Association President Lee Kang-wook, and provincial city/gun association presidents in attendance.

In his welcoming speech, Mayor Ha Seung-cheol said, “Badminton is one of the most popular sports for everyday life, as it has achieved excellent results in various international competitions with its world-class skills. I am happy to be there,” he said.

In the tournament, which was held in mixed doubles on the 6th, men’s doubles and women’s doubles on the 7th, divided by various age groups from 20’s to 50’s, the players showed off their skills they had developed so far.

In particular, during the summer vacation season, the friends who visited Hadong with their families had a more enjoyable time by playing their favorite badminton games and experiencing various programs at the Seomjingang Cultural Heritage Festival held during the competition.

Chairman Lee Kang-wook said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all the badminton fans in Yeonghonam who visited Hadong despite the hot weather.

[ⓒ 뉴스앤톡. 무단전재-재배포 금지]



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