Guillermo Vilas’s family celebrated the tennis legend’s 70th birthday with a special message

Willy’s family celebrated the tennis legend’s birthday (Photo: @phiang_vilas)

William Vilasthe best Argentine tennis player of all time with a collection of 62 titles, four of them Grand Slam, meets 70 years and his enormous figure is still valid as an emblem of a sport that he popularized in South America with unforgettable feats that elevated him to the category of legend.

The remarkable tennis player arrived at seven decades away from his country, in Montecarlowhere he lives with his wife, the Thai Click Download to save Phiangphathu Khumueang mp3 youtube comand their four children, Andanin, Intila, Lalindao and Guillermitoin difficult times since he is going through a neurological disease with increasingly evident signs of cognitive deterioration that led to his sporadic appearances in public.

On social networks, the family showed the intimate photos of the celebration with a message that characterized Willy throughout his career: “We love to win”.

Vilas came into the world a August 17, 1952 in the Federal Capital, but a few days later his parents moved with him to Mar del Plata, to the house on Avenida Colón that he occupied during his childhood and adolescence, until he went out to travel the world with a racket in his hand. son of the scribe Jose Roque Vilas and of maruxathe crack was born in Sanatorium Anchorena dand the City of Buenos Aires, but 10 days later he was in what would be his place in the world: The happy.

The former tennis player studied at the Institute Peralta Ramos together with his sister Marcela, picked up his first racket at age 5 and began to punish the pediment, until the teacher discovered it Felipe Locicero.

His first weapon was a Sarina Children that his father gave him and he wielded it in the Nautical of sea ​​of ​​silver, club where he took his first steps in tennis before going on tour around the world and becoming known for transforming that sport into the Argentina y South America. The left handed de la vincha dazzled the circuit with the conquest of four major tournaments: Roland Garros and the US Open in 1977, plus the Australian Open in 1978 and 1979.

Although he was a specialist on clay, he was such a professional and perfectionist that he was able to play reasonably well on grass. For this reason, at the age of 22 he won the Masters at Kooyong Stadiumin Melbourne and before the talented Romanian Illie Nastasewho was champion of 1972 US Open and 1973 Roland Garros.

He also popularized and patented a stroke, the “Great Willy”, which consists of hitting the ball between the legs and with his back to the net, a tennis juggling maneuver typical of the elect.

Without a Vilas there would not have been a David Nalbandianand Gaston Gaudioand William Corianor a Juan Martin del Potro, and that influence in his country also moved to South America. In that sense, there are several great tennis players who admit the influence of Willy in their careers and they have him as an idol, in a list that includes the Brazilian Gustavo “Guga” Kuertenchampion of Roland Garros three times (1997, 2000 and 2001), to the Ecuadorian Andres Gomez, winner of Roland Garros in 1990 and the Paraguayan Victor Pecci, finalist in the Parisian Grand Slam in 1979, among the most outstanding cases.

At the age of 70, Guillermo had a special celebration with his family facing difficult health conditions, but the constant affection was perceived through social networks. With public appearances becoming less frequent, the recent images of him are the ones that his inner circle posts on Instagram on the occasion of some important anniversary.




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