Guareschi and Rimoldi in the technical staff of Wimore Parma

The WiMORE Parma complete the technical staff with the athletic trainer Massimiliano Rimoldifresh from the championship double and Italian Cup among the ranks of the Conad Volley Tricolore Reggio Emilia in Serie A2and the physical trainer Adriano Guareschia well-known face in the world of local sport and beyond, already a collaborator of the Gialloblù club last season.

Rimoldiclass of ’91, had already held this position at the Primavera and to Caps of the Reggiana and for five years he had been taking care of the preparation of Reggio Emilia.
We started very well, the guys all want to work and I haven’t had any problems with anyone. Indeed, the stimuli of both young people and the most experienced are there, for now we are on the right path. In the weight room we started working on volume loads so many repetitions without exaggerating the pounds, I preferred to take care more of the technical aspects, especially, thinking of younger athletes who are not used to this type of exercise. With the ball, however, the coach Codeluppi he is doing a great job from the aerobic point of view, now we will slowly move on to the loads of strength in order to be more explosive and give those characteristics that a volleyball player needs, namely jumping and strength in the lower limbs.
In Reggio we had a great group and I found the same feelings a bit this year: there is a desire to work and I’m happy about this. I would like you to recreate a similar environment as well Parma. In A league the level of training makes the difference, the part in the weight room plays a very important role for athletes in terms of prevention, strength and performance improvement. We hope to get to the first match in the best condition ”.

It will not fail, as already happened in the last championship of Serie Bthe support of the “Maestro ”Adriano Guareschipresident of the Boxing Parma and regional vice president of Fpi which contributed to the successes in the golden years of Maxicono e National male of volleyball and now he is also a physical trainer of Parma Climate of baseball, starring in Italia e in Europa.
His” Training Center is hosting almost daily the Gialloblù athletes expected in just over a month to debut in Serie A3. “The guys showed up in good shape, we are intensifying training and doing four weight training sessions in the morning and five of technique in the afternoon. The preparation is progressing well, I must say that from B at the A league there is a big leap in quality and we will see a high level volleyball because many are professionals who have also played in higher categories. We will try to be ready, coach Codeluppi he is amalgamating the group that has many young and new players and I see him very serene. We had already worked together in the past, now we are waiting for the first friendlies to always be taken with a grain of salt ”.



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