Great response to the project, Irapuato strengthens basketball – El Sol de Irapuato

The project, Irapuato Potential in Basketball, has been successfully launched, which had a great response from girls and boys from 9 to 11 years of age, who came to work under the supervision of the coaches that César Razo has in his project. , getting ready right now for the Kids Cup to be held in Celaya

The objective is very clear, to take the little ones to get their potential in the sport, to do a good job with them so that they exploit their qualities, with a well-defined job that came from the mind of Professor Razo Ramírez.

After the call to start the project, the response from the parents is important, going with their children to the training field that is held in the South Sports Unit, both in the covered field and in the neighboring field. .

They came to listen to the leaders, who explained their objectives, immediately putting the children to work, some by age, others by the knowledge they already have in the so-called ´´burst sport´´.

More teams than expected were assembled, no one was denied their participation, in fact, the doors are still open for children, girls and boys, who want to join, training is held from Monday to Friday in the South Sports Unit.

Something that has been sought is to participate in the largest number of relevant tournaments, so the sights are set on what will be the Kids Cup that will be held in the city of Celaya, for which the o the teams with which they are going to intervene, the leaders showing their enthusiasm at the great response to the call for this project.



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