Government initiates basketball roofing requested by Christopher Duarte to President Abinader

Puerto Plata. – Following up on the commitment assumed by the President Luis Abinader with the NBA player, Christopher Duarte, the ministers José Ignacio Paliza and Francisco Camacho gave the first piezo for the beginning of the construction of the basketball roof in the Club Deportivo Fantástico, for a value of RD 27 million pesos.

The request was made during one of the visits made by President Abinader to the province of Puerto Plata, where he visited the club to greet the player and see the facilities where he grew up.

The NBA player Chris Duarte, which belongs to the template of the Indiana Pacers, He had words of gratitude to the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, for arranging for the intervention of that club as promised and stressed that this is a dream come true.

Also, the outstanding sports leader, Bernardo Polanco (El Torito), who is the president of the aforementioned club, expressed an effusive gratitude to President Abinader and all the officials of his government who made this achievement possible.

the owner of the Ministry of Sports, Francisco Camachosaid This work is an extraordinary effort by the central government in the midst of a global crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine and Russia.

“These facilities will be converted into a modern sports center, since, in addition to its roof, it will also have an NBA court, backboards and baskets, bathrooms and dressing rooms,” held.

Camacho delivered the final budget for the reconstruction and roofing of the Fantastic Sports Club (CDF) to the engineer Eddy Encarnación, who won the tender and, therefore, said work was awarded to him.

On his side, he Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Palizahighlighted that with the beginning of the roofing and reconstruction of the aforementioned club in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, progress continues in favor of Dominican youth.

“With this effort, the government of President Luis Abinader, after exhausting all the processes that regulate Public Procurement and Contracting, honors and fulfills the word given, since we continue to change”, Palisa said.

He added that during President Abinader’s next visit to the province, he will announce other projects of interest to the sports sector, because investments in sports translate into a better present and future for our young athletes.

Present at the event were the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez Durán; the Vice Ministers of Sports, Franklin de la Mota and Johnny Peña; the Vice Minister of Youth, Endry González; Governor Claritza Rochette de Senior, and Senator Ginette Bournigal de Jiménez.

In addition, the deputies Jhonny Medina, Emil Durán and Juan Medina; the municipal mayor Roquelito García; the President of the Dominican Basketball Federation (FEDOMBAL), Rafael Uribe, and the president of the Puerto Plata Basketball Association (ABAPPLATA), Addiel Pérez.

Also, from the Provincial Director of Tourism, Stephanie Khoury; the Commander of the Puerto Plata Air Base, Pilot Brigadier General, Manuel Abad García Lithgow, and the North Regional Director of the National Police, Colonel Jorge Luis Galán Guerrero.



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