Girona accelerates for Oriol Romeu

Last June 19, Girona celebrated their return to the First Division three years later on the lawn of Heliodoro Rodríguez López de Tenerife. In the days that followed, it was all smiles, hugs and congratulations, despite being aware of the work ahead of the club officials. It was time to prepare season tickets, schedule Montilivi’s adaptations, look for new sponsors and, also and basic, design a guarantee template to face the new season in Primera. The club soon announced the layoffs and, as for the layoffs, they have been arriving to cover almost all the positions that Míchel asked for. Thus, Gutiérrez, Javi Hernández, David López, Couto, Herrera, Riquelme, Castellanos and Reinier arrived. However, with the start of the league and three points back in Sarró, the coach now finds himself missing three pieces: a goalkeeper, a pivot and a forward. The days have passed and, like those who don’t want the thing, the day after tomorrow is already the first of September, the day on which the summer market closes at midnight.

The calm with which the market in Montilivi had been faced is deriving into a slide and, who knows if into a panic attack, if in the end the last moves do not come to fruition. The club, for now, is calm and fully confident that the desired players will arrive. It won’t be easy. In this way, talks with Southampton for Oriol Romeu are progressing although they are not easy at all. On the contrary Girona and the player have been coming to an understanding for days and now there is no agreement between the clubs that is getting closer every time. Although the negotiation is being very tough, the agreement should be reached before midnight on Thursday and Romeu should be a Girona player, after six years at Southampton. Romeu was not even on the bench today in the game against Chelsea.

Even more complicated is theoperation to find a goalkeeper. The most wanted was, or is, Álvaro Fernández, who is about to sign for Espanyol. The club, however, has alternatives activated, one of which is Agustín Rossi from Boca Juniors. The Argentine goalkeeper is pending obtaining the community passport and finalizing the signing by the City Groupprevious step to one assignment to Montilivi. Rossi’s grandfather was Italian and the player is trying to complete the paperwork to become a member of the Community. Sao Paulo also wants him. The 27-year-old Argentine is the main option for Girona’s goal. In the reserve is the former Rayo, Luca Zidane, free of contract.



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