Furious after a decision, a player hits a referee from behind (VIDEO)

This shocking scene takes place in Argentina, in the east of the country. In a match between Garmonense and Deportivo Indenpendencia, a player became uncontrollable after a referee decision. Named Cristian Tirone, the player selected at first by his teammates, the one wearing number 2 rushes to Dalma Cortadi, the main referee of the meeting.

It all starts with an awarded yellow card. The tension mounts and we see Tirone’s teammates hold him back. A card is assigned to the goalkeeper of the same team who complained. Out of the frame of the video, we notice that Cristian Tirone managed to get out of the embrace of his teammates. He then sprints behind the referee and elbows him in the head. A villainous gesture.

According to Sudinfo, the match was stopped and Dalma Cortadi was able to be examined by a doctor. As for the attacker, he was suspended for life from the football fields. An important sanction to try to erase the violence present on the lawns.



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