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[Epoch Times, August 13, 2022](Epoch Times) The 2022 World Junior Baseball Championship will be held from August 17th to 28th. After 7 years, Taiwan’s junior baseball team is back to glory. The junior baseball team won the right to represent the Asia-Pacific region and went to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA to compete with the powerhouses from various countries.

On the night of August 11 (Thursday), 13 members of the Fulin Junior Baseball Team, led by head coach Zhang Zijian, together with two other coaches, Chen Qiheng, Lin Minjian, and translator Zhang Nanxiong, arrived in New Jersey. Newark Airport. Zhang Junyu, deputy director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Yang Minling, director of the education group, Lin Weiting, deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Education Center, as well as overseas Chinese affairs committee member Fang Xiurong, overseas Chinese affairs consultant Zhong Wenzhong, New Jersey Taiwanese Association Shen Zhengqiang and other overseas Chinese specially went to the airport to meet them. Lin Hu will cheer up and wish Lin Hu will be able to win.

Zhong Wenzhong, an overseas Chinese affairs consultant, prepared a nutritional lunch box and an energy snack box that night. He hoped that the Taiwanese baseball players would be able to eat enough to replenish their physical strength. He also hoped that the coaches and teenagers would enjoy every moment of the game and play every game with all their might.

Under the arrangement of the World Junior Baseball Championship organizer, the Fulin Junior Baseball Team took a bus to Williamsport that night. The teenagers had to overcome the 12-hour time difference within a week and familiarize themselves with the American competition venue and climate in order to start the game. to perform at its best.

The first game of the Fulin Junior Baseball Team will be at 1:00 pm on August 18 (Thursday), against the strong European and African team, Emilia Romagna from Italy. Folks are welcome to come to the scene to cheer for the Taiwanese teenager. The live broadcast of the game will also be broadcast on ESPN Sports TV. All folks who are unable to attend are welcome to lock in on time and burn your baseball soul together!

Since 1969, the Taiwan Junior Baseball Team has won 17 World Championships. The Taiwanese Association of New York has formed a bus cheering group to cheer up. Seats are limited. If you are interested, please call Fang Xiurong at 917-912-8288.

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