Friday the first Badminton tournament at the Parco dei Conigli in Viale Alpi – Sport

The tests, the demonstrations and now the first tournament. Badminton is rampant in our city. Appointment for the challenge that counts on Friday, starting at 7 pm, at the Parco dei Conigli in Viale Alpi.

Turks, Indians, Bengalis: it is a very intercultural atmosphere that will be breathed at the first edition of the festival organized by the Badminton La Spezia group. On the four outdoor courts will be played the matches that will proclaim the champions of the four categories: singles (men and women), doubles and mixed.

Registration is open to all non-professional athletes, and therefore not registered. About thirty athletes of various nationalities are already registered. For those without the game materials (rackets and shuttles), it will be possible to take them for free on site. On the sidelines of the tournament, it will still be possible to practice and play with the instructors always available. The cost of registration for the entire event is 10 euros. For more information and to register, please contact Jeff at 342-5087081.

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