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Junior and Medellín face each other for the seventh date of the BetPlay League. This Saturday, starting at 7:45 pm, the ball will roll at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla to see two clubs that are a bit asleep in this championship.

Although they have had good performances in some games, these two clubs have been criticized at the start of the championship by their fans.

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In Junior, which has a club with several well-paid players with a lot of experience in Colombian and international soccer, the criticism goes more to the coach. The decisions of Juan Cruz Real are not liked by the fans, but with this match he has an opportunity to vindicate himself at home.

In Medellín the waters are calmer with the coach. David González, idol of the club, recently arrived at the institution, but the squad he has, some of them his former teammates, have not had the best performance. The good thing is that heavy artillery recently arrived for his squad.

Junior vs. Medellin: free live broadcast today

In Pulzo we tell you everything that happens in this match that is played in the Metropolitano stadium. Juan Pablo Tibaquirá is narrating the game and Edwin Cañón is the commentator.

7:15 p.m ID: nfwow

This is how Medellín goes against Junior

The Red from Antioquia will have several important players on his squad for this match.

7:14 p.m ID: zdsry

Junior headlines today

This is how the Barranquilla team will come out to this game.

Junior news: what about Juan Cruz Real

Although the coach denied that his continuity is in doubt, these games They are crucial to know if he will continue or not as head of the rojiblanco project.

This Saturday will be the first duel of five very tough games that will surely define its continuity. These are the next matches of Junior:

  • Junior vs. Medellín (date 7 of Liga BetPlay)
  • National vs. Junior (BetPlay Cup quarterfinals)
  • Junior vs. Tolima (closes 8 of Liga BetPlay)
  • America vs. Junior (closes 9 of BetPlay League)
  • Union Magdalena vs. Junior (date 10 of Liga BetPlay)

The red team from Antioquia is also in the BetPlay Cup and will have to play a difficult match this Wednesday. Against Tolima, a series that is winning 3-1, the “powerful” will seek to continue in this competition.



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