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Franky Van der Elst suddenly sees strange things happening at Club:

Friday 05 August 2022 – 17:00 I by Editorial staff

Club Brugge is currently an enigma in the competition. Not finished at all and besides there are some riddles.

And Franky Van der Elst has seen that too. “Some things are not right yet,” said the analyst and Club expert par excellence. “Nsoki on the left with Sobol, that didn’t work, and neither did Meijer the week before.” Nsoki is gone now, that’s problem solved, but there’s more.

“I don’t think Nielsen did badly, but he is at his best as the most defensive midfielder.” And Van der Elst concludes: “But there is Mbamba. He is suddenly back in the picture. Do they want him to extend his contract?” Anyway, he thinks it’s all strange.

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Just like the fact that the written-off Kamal Sowah gets opportunities again. “To make that nine million euros that was paid for him pay off?”, Van der Elst wonders. And to conclude: “You can’t say Lang that he isn’t doing his best, but he isn’t reaching his level yet either.”

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