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Worry about our world champion legend |

Suddenly Hässler no longer knew what he wanted to say

Thomas “Icke” Häßler (56) is a favorite in Germany. Free-kick king, world champion in 1990 and later on TV in “Jungle Camp” and in “Let’s dance”.

Now we have to worry a lot about Icke.

The coach of the Berlin football club BFC Preussen (6th division) is on sick leave until further notice and has to rest his job.

The threatening-sounding reason: severe memory loss!

Hässler to BILD: “I am not able to coach a team right now unless I know what I have.”

He had the first blackout before a game on August 17th. Icke suddenly didn’t know what he wanted to say during the dressing room speech. He had dropouts, suffered from memory loss and had to stop speaking.

World Champion! In 1990, Hässler lifted the World Cup

Photo: IMAGO

His assistant coach Thorben Marx (41) had to take over: “Of course, everyone immediately noticed that something was wrong. When the head coach suddenly fell silent, there was an oppressive silence in the dressing room. A brief shock. Everyone suffered and nobody knew what was going on.”

Prussia’s sporting director Pierre Seiffert to BILD: “We are shocked and very concerned about his health because the cause is still unknown. Unfortunately, Thomas had these dropouts.” Probably not for the first time either.

In addition to the memory loss, Hässler also suffers from tinnitus (“ringing” in the ear) and neck pain.

► What is the reason?

The investigations are in full swing and the evaluations should be available next week. The world champion remains on sick leave until mid-September. At least…

► What happens to Icke now?

Club boss Seiffert: “We won’t drop him. Thomas Häßler will always be and will always be a Prussian. In which function – whether as a trainer or an official – that will then become clear.”

Co-Trainer Marx: “I spoke to Thomas a few times on the phone. Of course he’s not doing so well right now, but he’s a great person, always positive. One of the old school, tough as nails!”

All of Germany is keeping its fingers crossed for darling Icke!


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