Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar in prison, Real Madrid cracks

Next October, Spanish football will be shaken a bit by an important lawsuit. In question, FC Barcelona, ​​its former presidents Rosell and Bartomeu as well as Neymar on the transfer of the latter to the club. Florentino Perez is brought to testify at the bar.

As FC Barcelona begins to recover and reduce its monstrous debt, the ghosts of the past will reappear very soon. These specters are personified by the two predecessors of Joan Laporta at the head of the Blaugrana club, Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu. The latter will have to appear in court next October concerning the transfer of Neymar during the summer transfer window 2013. Then player of Santos in Brazil, the current resident of PSG had been officially bought for 88 million euros by the Catalan club. But, strong suspicions of financial irregularities hover over this resounding purchase. Neymar and his father are also in the crosshairs of the judges in this case which has tarnished the image of Spanish football.

Perez will speak, Neymar faces five years in prison

At the time, Sandro Rosell was Barca’s president and managed to get his hands on the player. However, a gray area quickly appeared on the real cost of Neymar for the Catalan club. The Brazilian investment fund DIS, which held 40% of Neymar’s rights, is a plaintiff in this case. He complains of a transfer price devalued by the various actors Sandro Rosell, president until his resignation in 2014 for this affair, his successor Josep Bartomeu and the Neymar clan. The player and his father are accused of turning a blind eye to being corrupted by the club’s general staff.

The upcoming trial for fraud and corruption is all the more expected as 18 witnesses will be called to testify. According Sports world, one of them is none other than Florentino Perez. The Real Madrid president is rightly concerned. In 2013, he also aimed for the transfer of Neymar but he had to bow to the Catalan rival in the file. In a 2016 interview for gamers, he had claimed that the transfer did not cost 88 million euros but rather 150 million euros. A sum necessary to water all the actors, which had been hidden from DIS, the big loser in history.

The various actors concerned risk a lot if the facts are proven. We are talking about prison sentences, at least two years for the three defendants who are Sandro Rosell, Josep Bartomeu and Neymar. If the prosecutor wants to impose this sentence as well as a fine of 10 million euros on the PSG player, DIS is demanding five years in prison for his former client. Neymar would then be banned from exercising his profession as a footballer during this period. One thing is certain, the October trial will be worth its weight in gold, especially since Florentino Perez can indirectly play a nasty trick on PSG.



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