Foot PSG – PSG: Mbappé cries, all of Spain is fed up

The Spanish press feasted on images of the match between PSG and Montpellier, then the rather vicious attacks launched by Neymar on social networks overnight.

On the ground first of all, and this is what matters most, Kylian Mbappé did not hide his annoyance on several occasions. After his missed penalty, but also in the course of the game when he was notably forgotten on an opening, and he started to sulk on the rest of the action, when he could have been at the finish . Even when he scored his first goal of the season, Mbappé was clearly not smiling. The first official match will therefore have surprised at this level, especially since during the preparation, the number 7 of PSG did not hide his joy of living and his desire to smash everything again this season.

Mbappé will regret having extended at PSG

During the night, the tackles slipped by Neymar, who relayed messages on social networks suggesting that there should not be a photo with regard to the penalty shooters at PSG, set fire. Seen from Spain, the deal is simple, Kylian Mbappé will regret as impossible as possible the fact of having extended his contract in Paris. “ He had been promised eternal happiness, he is going to live a real ordeal., announces the media Defensa Central, close to Florentino Pérez and who therefore enjoys this situation. “ Messi and Neymar are in great shape, and have been a hit in his absence. Mbappé was promised that he would be the headliner of PSG de Galtier, it is far from reality at the moment “, delivered Defensa Central.

Neymar lectures Mbappé

From there to announcing that Mbappé was disappointed to see that PSG kept Neymar in its workforce, there is only one step that the Spanish TV channel has taken cheerfully. For Antena 3, it’s quite simply a showdown in the ” guerre between Neymar and Mbappé. “ The truth is that Mbappé’s attitude throughout the match did not pass. explains the Spanish media, which therefore sees in the Brazilian’s attack a call to order on his behavior. It would be a bit upside down at Paris SG, where the former Santos prodigy has often been criticized for his casual attitude on the pitch.

At the heart of all this, there is a Christophe Galtier who is wished good luck to get out of it. Mundo Deportivo admits that the situation will be very complex all season for the PSG coach if it continues on these bases. ” Galtier certainly didn’t like Mbappé’s reaction to Vitinha’s missed pass, but it’s not the first time, and certainly not the last time it’s happened. “, balances the Catalan newspaper, convinced that the French international wanted to send a message through his attitude. Knowing perfectly well that this was going to make people react, the former Monegasque wanted to make it known that we could not ignore him on a dangerous action. His teammates are in any case warned, even if the method is more than questionable.



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