Follow-up on the start of the Bundesliga: fateful year for the Bundesliga | Sports

First things first: For the first time in two years, the Bundesliga Finally again without Corona requirements. Without terrible ghost games. And without massive viewing restrictions.

It is the pure desire with which we can look forward to the new season! And so do we!

The frequently prophesied fear that some viewers would not return to Corona has obviously not come true.

At least as far as the stadium visitors are concerned. It will be buzzing in the arenas, as the season ticket paragraphs already show. Dortmund 55,000, Schalke 40,000, Bayern 38,000, Leipzig 32,000. And they could have sold a lot more!

However, whether this applies to the much larger (and silent) group, that of TV viewers, remains to be seen. In any case, the odds have collapsed massively in the past season. At the ARD sports show by 17 percent. Average viewership dropped to just 3.909 million. At the ZDF sports studio from 2.01 to 1.78 million.

On the other hand, football is becoming more and more expensive.

Streaming service DAZN has increased the monthly subscription price to EUR 24.99 for an annual subscription. Amazon Prime now charges 8.99 instead of 7.99 euros per month for the top game in the Champions League.

► Is there really enough class and excitement for this?

► And if the negative trend doesn’t stop – what does that mean for the upcoming negotiations about the new TV contracts, the Bundesliga’s most important source of income?

► Will the millions continue to flow so generously in the future?

The traditional clubs Schalke and Werder (for Bielefeld and Fürth) are back. The much-cited “dwarfing” of the league can be stopped for now. A blessing for everyone!

but: FC Bayern has invested almost 150 million euros in new players. The question will arise as to whether the league can also cope with the 11th Bayern title in a row without damage.

It is possible that the subscription master has long been more concerned with that Champions League. Here we start for the first time with the power of five clubs, because Europa League winners Frankfurt are also there.

But if there is a similar bankruptcy as last season, when Dortmund, Leipzig and Wolfsburg were knocked out in the group stage and Bayern failed at Villarreal in the quarter-finals, then the question of international competitiveness becomes more urgent than ever.

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The Bundesliga will be interrupted for the first time after the 15th matchday on November 13th. For the World Cup in Qatar. We assume that our national team will do better than four years ago in the group knockout in Russia. However, should there be any ethical or moral problems at the controversial desert World Cup, they would hit the entire industry painfully.

So the Bundesliga is facing a real destiny season!

But for now we’re looking forward to Frankfurt versus Bayern. Luckily a real cracker!



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