Florence, in the center with knives and baseball bats: the videos on TikTok that worry residents

They would have been filmed with their cell phones while, holding large knives and a baseball bat, they wandered through the streets of central Florence at night. The video would then recently ended online, awakening concern among residents and traders around the arch of San Pierino, which just last July 23 would have been the scene of a violent brawl between two groups of foreigners armed with sticks and knives. Investigations are still underway on the episode of the past few weeks, but yesterday afternoon the police seized the three knives that would have been shown on the net. They also do not exclude the possible participation in the San Pierino brawl by the protagonists of the video.

The Flying Squad Hawks have found the cutting tools well hidden in a street in the area, managing in a short time to trace the Maghreb citizens suspected of being those who appear in the short film. Three – aged between 15 and 21 years – were traced this morning to their Florentine homes between the Center and the Statute, subjected to detention for identification and currently reported for the crime of unjustified carrying of objects capable of offending. During the checks in the homes, where they have been two other Tunisian young people aged 25 and 26 identified, the police seized knives, a few grams of hashish, marijuana and cocaine, as well as almost 5,000 euros in cash. For all five people identified in the course of today’s activity, one was immediately taken complaint for illicit possession of narcotic substances in competition. Against the two adults aged 19 and 21, for the investigators both attributable to the video, the Police headquarters immediately initiated the procedures for expulsion from the national territory. The minor was instead entrusted to a reception center.

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3 August 2022 | 17:09




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