Five star rating! Major National Tennis Team ascends to the third category of America in the Davis Cup


Honduras achieved one of big goals I had for this year in racket sports, since after the important participation of the selection in the tournament, has been achieved; big goal.

The party was a hard encounter for the catrachos, since the selection of Aruba I came with a great performance in the tournament and they came out as favorites for having taken first place in their group.

The series got off to a good start for the “ratchets” after the triumph of the experienced Keny Turcios over Frederick Sydow 6-0 and 6-4.

“We are happy because the big goal that we had. Soft He was very solvent in his meeting. My singles match was very tough as we battled for three hours. I give a lot of credit to Patrick, who plays really good tennis. Luckily, in the doubles we understood each other very well with TurksObando stated.

And he added: “I think today the experience has been important. They are good boys and young men. Without a doubt, very soon they will have the chance to be promoted to Group III”.

Honduras will be in the category 3 of America in the following year, now it is only time to continue preparing for the next tournament that will be the next Central American Games at the end of October in Guatemala.



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