First League win in the premiere in Montilivi (3-1)

Girona is in the First Division. With all the letters. Míchel’s got one great victory against Getafe in the opening game in Montilivi (3-1). How could it not be otherwise, Stuani he was the first goalscorer to make the fans rise from their chairs to celebrate. The goal came before the break and just before the restart Miguel scored the second – the referee scored Sunday Duarte own because he was the last to touch the ball – the result of an error between the Madrid defense and goalkeeper David Soria. The night was perfect. I Taty Castellanos rounded it off with the third. They could have been more, if a clear penalty in Stuani had not been annulled.

Míchel made a statement of intent from the start with a starting XI in which Stuani and Taty Castellanos stood out together. The first chance, however, came from Riquelme with a shot that required the intervention of David Soria to deflect it into the corner. It was Girona who took the initiative, having absolute control of the ball and creating danger by coming out quickly on the counterattack. Stuani and Taty rubbed the goal after a move that went through the boots of Yangel Herrera and Yan Couto. The Brazilian has assisted the Uruguayan forward, who was already with his cane ready. David Soria blocked it for Taty to send the rebound into the clouds. Getafe’s reply was immediate, taking advantage of a mistake by Girona in the middle of the field. Yangel almost scored on his own while trying to get a shot from Iglesias out of the area. Luckily, the ball hit the post and Aleñá didn’t get there either. A foul on the front centered by Aleix ended up in the corner following Soria’s pull to frustrate him. The goal came before the break (min. 42). The author was Stuani. The killer beat Soria with a classy finish to Couto’s cross from the right. The ball bounced off Djené and went in.

The second half couldn’t have started better. In a misunderstanding between the Getafe defense and Soria, a long shot from Miguel ended up in the goal pushed by Domingos Duarte (min. 47). After going to check the next play on the VAR screen, Muñiz Ruiz has rectified leaving a clear penalty committed on Stuani in nothing. Montilivi has raised his voice to protest the action. Getafe also scored with a goal from Enes Ünal, which was disallowed for a previous foul. The white-and-red team did not have time to enter into doubts because Taty gave peace of mind by marking the third by finishing a cross from Yangel into the back of the net (min. 64). Enes Ünal diluted the result a little with a goal in the final stretch (min. 73). Today’s game also saw the debuts of the last two signings Javi Hernández and Reinier; and the ovation in Porto on his return to the stadium. The man from Murcia tested Juan Carlos, who did not give in. Not even in Míchel’s best dreams could reality be so exciting.


Girona: Juan Carlos, Yan Couto, Santi Bueno, David López, Juanpe, Miguel (Javi Hernández, min. 69), Yangel Herrera, Aleix Garcia, Riquelme (Samu Saiz, min. 54), Taty Castellanos (Terrats, min. 58) and Stuani (Reinier, min. 69).

Getafe: David Soria, Iglesias, Djené, Mitrovic (Portu, min. 65), Domingos Duarte, Angileri, Aleñá, Arambarri, Maksimovic (Seoane, min. 46), Borja Mayoral and Enes Ünal.

goals: 1-0, min. 42: Stuani; 2-0, min. 47: Domingos Duarte; 3-0, min. 64: Taty Castellanos; 3-1, min. 73: Enes Ünal.

Referee: Muñiz Ruiz. He warned Taty Castellanos, Juanpe (Girona); Mitrovic, Borja Mayoral, Djené, Angileri, Aleñá (Getafe).

Stadium: 10,460 spectators in Montilivi.



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