Fifa cracker: Qatar World Cup starts earlier! | Sports

That was unforeseeable…

The Winter World Cup in Qatar starts earlier than expected! Actually, the 21st of November was scheduled. But now things should be different. First reported “The Athletic”, BILD information confirms the transfer.

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The World Cup in the desert state was originally supposed to start with the game between Senegal and Holland on November 21st. But now Fifa is rescheduling! The world association wants hosts Qatar to play the opening game after all. As is usual. It had previously been agreed that Qatar would only play the second game – but the country did not feel comfortable with that.

Swapping the games was not possible according to BILD information. It is better to give the host the entire stage. That’s why the World Cup starts a day earlier…

The Winter Cup starts on November 20th!

Accordingly, the game Qatar against Ecuador would be the first of the World Cup. It has not yet been officially confirmed.



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