Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz compete to return to the top of Formula 1

You hurt Sainz, though. Ferrari is the top of the tree for Formula 1 drivers. Leclerc will probably only leave here if he fails and the door appears. In order for Sainz to have any hopes for the title with Ferrari, he must hypothetically have a little more calm and hope to spoil his friend. Sainz says that if for any reason he finds himself indulging in self-pity – “If one day I feel tired or sad, or maybe it’s not good for me, if I’m in a bad mood and not ‘I don’t know why’, then its it is customary to find a quiet place in the Maranello complex and repeat a mantra. “Fuck,” he says. “I am a Ferrari driver. I’m in Maranello. Today I will be driving a simulator. I’ll try the car. And soon I will run ”.

Leclerc agrees that the race offers the final reset. He was a teenager in the Formula 1 power chain when his beloved father, Hervey, passed away. Leclerc participated in the next scheduled race, a few days after his death, and won it. You believe these pilots will endure the losses, disappointments and insults Monday through Thursday, as long as they unload the blues at 200 mph over the weekend. For Sains, minor insults are everywhere if they’re interested in looking. Delivering a stack of original baseball caps to the garage, he scribbled his signature on the opposite side of each visor, automatically leaving room for Leclerc’s name to appear before his name. Although they are roughly the same height, a cut-out driver board in the center of Maranello romantically imagines Leclerc with his head held high.

Netflix campaign to survive, A series that worked hard to legitimize the experiences of narrow competitors outside the elite group like Sainz, has had a huge impact on F1, expanding the sport with new fans and changing the way fans interact with drivers. at all levels. Leclerc has really only known about an aggravated era of Netflix in his sport, which began in 2018. But Sainz has competed long enough to notice the change in weather. He told me: “The more people recognize you on the street, the more sponsors, the more events, the more photos”. It means the driver’s life has become less important in terms of driving. He is making progress with baseball caps that need autographs and concludes: “More autographs, more risk of distraction.”

Rising when he’s done, Sainz carefully tightens the belt loop of his jeans, lifting the belt. Noisy in the hangar. Mechanics test a car that makes a sound similar to a trembling, continuous guitar chord that opens a rock concert. An old Ferrari has been raised, with pieces of neat leather luggage still tied to the roof, a discrepancy that makes even the closest mechanics scream, “He’s Going, he’s delirious!(Goes on vacation!) The guitar chord ends. Sainz was probably taking advantage of the moment to remind himself of that mantra, which is the antidote to all self-pity. Shit, though! I’m here in Maranello!

T-shirt, £ 1,082 Giorgio Armani. his own glove.

Woven T-shirt, £380, Ferrari. your helmet.

There is vast The Ferrari Museum has two floors on site, its halls filled with immaculate cars, trophies and memorabilia. The museum director, an elegant gentleman named Michele Pignati Morano, told Leclerc, Sainz and their colleagues: “If you win another championship, I will tear down the walls for you.” Driving me on tour, Pignatti Morano explains a Ferrari ritual: some championship winning cars are brought into this museum and parked forever on carpeted banks in a room they call Victory Hall. Melodramatic music is played here. Hardcore fans are known to stagger and cry. Pignatti Morano looms over a wall that can be knocked down if they need space for a Leclerc or a Sainz. “I told them: ‘Don’t use me as an excuse’”, says Pignatti Morano.



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