Feast day for leisure reception

Fourchambault. Day of celebration for leisure reception. At the end of the afternoon on Wednesday, the Petite Passerelle, Pitchounes and Ricochets leisure centers organized their July party, which they had been deprived of for the past two years due to the health crisis.

With great, unfeigned joy, the parents invited for the occasion were able to share playful moments with their children as part of the leisure reception.

The weather, which was rather mild, made it possible to hold all the planned activities.

The smiles at the rendezvous

As soon as they entered the premises, everyone was able to watch a photo exhibition with photos of all the activities in July. In addition to the make-up stand, which was as usual a big success, the archery activity allowed parents to discover the centre’s sports instructors, who were in great demand this summer, namely Dylan Anselme and Cyril Vallet.

Nine workshops on the theme of the casino came to complete an already rich offer of animations.

Finally, competitive courses of tug of war, waiter’s game and sack race brought parents and children together for playful moments full of good humor.

Snacks and shows

The day ended with a big snack offered by the CCAS and a dance whose choreography involved each of the children and the animators, in the presence of elected officials from the municipality who were delighted to attend these shows.

Everyone said goodbye to the month of July and welcomed the month of August, which will be paved with many other activities.



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