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Necessity is the mother of invention …

Looking for a solution to be able to register newcomers Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Franck Kessie, Andres Christensen and Joules Koundé, FC Barcelona now want to crack down!

According to Barça expert Gerard Romero, those responsible are now arming themselves in case the league thwarts the Catalans and continues to ban the registration of newcomers.


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Accordingly, the club would resort to a means that was popular last year: namely to happily cut salaries!

According to the journalist, the club wants above all the salary of Sergio Busquets (34) and Gerard Piqué (35) – the two long-time professionals of all people had already agreed to help with a salary restructuring before the last season.

Now Barça hopes again that the veterans are apparently most likely to understand the current situation.

However, it seems Busquets would be more open to the measure than Piqué. The midfielder’s contract expires next summer and a pay cut could mean he could be offered a new deal until 2024.

Pique, on the other hand, still has a valid contract until 2024 – and therefore has no need to agree to a renewed salary reduction. Especially since Pique would be 37 years old when the contract ended.

Should the two captains refuse to agree to the cut, Barça would have to sell further shares in the Barça studio. This would again bring in 100 million euros and thus enable the registration of the new entrants.

However, the club had already found success at Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman is now giving up half of his salary. Instead of 40 million gross, he “only” gets 20 million …



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