FC Barcelona: Memphis Depay, more outside than inside

Memphis Depay could be the man to unclog the issue of inscriptions in Can Bara. The Dutch attacker has been on the exit ramp for a long time and everything indicates that he will be able to solve his definitive exit from the Barcelona these days

In fact, his signing for the Juventus from Turn is closer than ever. The player’s representative has already reached an agreement with the footballer, that although he was comfortable in the Barcelonahas seen clearly that if he stays he will not be able to have the minutes he needs to get to the world.

In the Only they also know that this deal is the one most likely to close soon. In fact, Xavi I dispensed with Depay last Saturday, in the league premiere, to avoid risks of possible injuries that would frustrate his departure.

freedom letter

The main stumbling block of the operation was in what formula would be used to release the Depay From Barcelona. The Catalan club has always opted to charge an amount as a transfer, even if it was little, for his departure. However, the player’s agent is not convinced by this option.

In this sense, remember that Depay It arrived for free at the time. Better said, without transfer cost. Therefore, they now ask that he be allowed to leave under the same conditions. This will benefit the player, since it will allow him to enter a bonus from the Juventus to come without transfer cost.

The Only seems more receptive to this condition in the last few hours. This exit will release salary mass that will allow enrolling Jules Kound. In Italy it is pointed out that today he could undergo a medical check-up with the Juve.



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