Fano closes the regular season of Serie B with a convincing success

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Fano 04/08/2022
– Fano Baseball ’94 greeted the regular season of Serie B with a convincing and auspicious success in projection of the play-outs. On 28 May the rain caused the interruption of the second match on the rossoblù’s diamond on the score of 5-2 for the Fano, who recovering the match from that situation managed to prevail 5-3.

Evidently with a mind free from thoughts, being the result irrelevant for the purposes of the ranking, and stimulated by the large audience, which crowded the Municipal for the youth tournament organized in the same sports facility and in which the club of President Antonio also participated with its own boys Vallieri, the team led by Rumardo Rodriguez and Rodolfo Furiassi showed an excellent defensive phase, conceding only one point to the hosts. All this while appearing on the field with ten players counted, due to the usual conditioning defections.

The team spirit, however, allowed the Arancioneri to raise the bar of their performances, with the hope of being able to recover some elements by emptying the infirmary a little during the play-offs in order not to retreat. The Fano Baseball ’94 will compete for the permanence in the category at the Junior Rimini Pirates, which closed the ranking of group C with a balance of 3 wins and 25 defeats against 8-20 of the Arancioneri Fano. The best of the five challenges will be played, the first two of which, except for changes in the program by the Federation, will be played on 3 and 4 September in the lair of the Rimini area. The following weekend we will then move to the “Seagulls Stadium”, where the remaining matches necessary to reach the final verdict will be staged.



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