Ezkurdia and Zabaleta are afraid in Ogueta

José Javier Zabaleta was brilliant at the Ogueta fronton and scored seven goals. / jesus andrade

They exploit their power to perfection and will play the final of the La Blanca tournament after reacting in time and beating Altuna III and Rezusta

Ezkurdia and Zabaleta are scary. It is one of the reasons why they rarely play together throughout the year. Yesterday, the Navarrese perfectly captured the script they had written from home and exploited their power to beat Altuna III and Rezusta in the semifinal of the Aspe branch of the La Blanca tournament. Those who dressed in colorado will play tomorrow night the top clash of the Vitorian fair against Laso and Imaz.

They reacted on time in a duel that was complicated in the initial moments because the Gipuzkoans came out like shots aware that they needed a great version to endure in the clash. The Amezketa striker was a mystery after deciding on Saturday that he was playing because he was already recovered from his shoulder injury, and he cleared up any doubt about his condition with a stroke of the pen.


So many wins: 15 | So many lost: 3 | Service points: 0

High III-Rejection

So many wins: 10 | So many lost: 7 | Service points: 0

  • balls

  • total time

  • Scorekeeper:
    1-0, 1-6, 3-6, 3-8, 11-8, 11-9, 16-9, 16-10, 17-10, 17-11, 19-11, 19-12, 20-12, 20-13, 22-13

  • Incidences:
    1,241 spectators.

  • Bets:
    100 to 80 red.

He got six goals in a row, most with his left foot, so you could see that he could arm his arm well to hit the ball. In the blink of an eye -116 pitches- the blues opened a five-goal gap thanks to the magic of Altuna III, but their rivals remained focused and the vibrant match maintained its intensity. It was with a strike to the middle of the front by Etxarren’s defender that the Navarrese managed to break their opponents’ streak and began to see the light. They changed the ball and opted for one with more ground travel. The moment Zabaleta got his act together, his right hand was like a sledgehammer and changed the dynamics of the match.

He became the owner and lord of the pediment and brought the ball to the wall perfectly. In this way he managed to make Altuna III lose prominence in attack and had to pay more attention to defending, and that his teammate had many more gaps to solve. By the halfway point of the contest, the winners had already managed to turn the score around with a 10-2 run in which the defender had scored five goals, one more than the striker.

same dynamic

Seeing that everything was under control, they maintained the tactic in the second part of the contest. They charged the game back with violence, and Rezusta began to regret the punishment. He began to lose more balls because the demand imposed on him by his rivals was very high and everything became too complicated for the Blues.

For the second mandatory break, the advantage of the Navarrese was seven goals (18-11). Altuna III continued without recovering the leading role that he is accustomed to. He snatched it from him an increasingly intoned Ezkurdia as he saw things turn out for him. But the striker from Gipuzkoa signed the most spectacular goal that he put the pediment on its feet with a drop to the ‘txoko’ with the four pelotaris within the first three frames narrowing spaces and looking for winning shots. It didn’t help him much because at this point Ezkurdia and Zabaleta were grown and pulled their arsenal to close the match shortly after.

In the match that opened the festival, Darío and Tolosa beat Elezkano II and Gaskue (15-22). The instability of the Navarrese defender took a heavy toll on the Colorados.



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