Ezechiel Ndouasel and Paulo Henrique Cancel to Persis, So Ryo Matsumura and Fernando Rodriguez?

TRIBUNNEWSSULTRA.COM – The names of Ezechiel Ndouasel and Paulo Henrique were in the spotlight because they were rumored to be joining Persis Solo.

However, a number of clues emerged indicating that the two would not join Persis Solo.

Now there are other names, namely Ryo Matsumura and Fernando Rodriguez Ortega.

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Both are allegedly going to replace Aaron Evans and Gerard Artigas at this Pasoepati pride club.

Reported by from Instagram @gosball, said that the two foreign Persis Solo players who would definitely be docked came from Japan and Spain.

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“Want to go to Persis Solo, this goss?” asked one of the supporters on Wednesday (3/8/2022).

The question was immediately answered with a rebuttal by the @gosball account.

“No no, foreign Persis Solo that I reported yesterday, it’s like being both (Japan and Spain emote),” janswer @gosball account.

Judging from the clues above, the last second signal for Persis Solo points to two figures, namely Ryo Matsumura (Japan) and Fernando Rodriguez Ortega (Spain).

The clue of new foreign player Persis Solo leads to two players from Japan and Spain, Ryo Matsumura and Fernando Rodriguez Ortega. (Instagram @gosball)



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