Exclusive videos with the details of the progress of the works in the Monumental: how River Plate’s home will look

This is how the works progress in the Monumental

After completely renovating the playing field (improvements in the drainage system and conversion to a hybrid turf -5% artificial and 95% natural-), River Plate took a new step forward and began work to completely renovate the Monumental stadiumwhich will become the sports venue belonging to a football club with the largest capacity in all of South America: 81 thousand spectators.

The Antonio Vespucci Liberti it will become in the first court in the country to hold four trays, after the creation of a new lower ring where the athletics track used to be. This will also allow fans to be even closer to the action.

This first stage of the reforms, which will cost approximately 20 million dollars, is focused on the creation of three of the four lower tribunes: Sívori, Centenario and San Martín. The Belgrano, on the other hand, will be held in the next phase, since the River Plate Institute must first be moved (it could be within the club or on a nearby property). It is scheduled for completion in February 2023.

This is how the new lower San Martín grandstand is located

A topic that was striking in social networks was the choice of gray as the predominant color (Some white and red flags will be formed in the Belgrano and San Martín Bajas). Beyond the fact that gray seeks to convey modernity and spaciousness, it also represents savings in the medium and long term. It is that red, according to studies carried out by the English company in charge of making the seats, turns pink in just five years. Gray, on the other hand, lasts much longer (approximately triple).

“We are aware and we listen to the fans, but there are technical issues. The new stadiums go to dark colors for durability and gray has to do with River as well. The red turns pink in a period of approximately five years, while the white is not recommended in a stadium that is not covered”, explained President Jorge Brito. Other venues such as Tottenham Hotspur, the Santiago Bernabéu, Sofi Stadium, Allegiant Stadium and the Arena da Baixada, also opted for dark colors for their pitches.

This is the new lower Centenary grandstand of the Monumental

One of the main managers of the work in the Antonio Vespucci Liberti He confessed to this site that “we asked the supplier company if, in addition to being comfortable and anti-vandalism, if the seats could last over time. Especially in stadiums that are not covered. There they made us a very fervent suggestion of the gray color, since it is the world trend. They triple the useful life of more traditional colors.”

Another important detail is that the Monumental will go on to have a single entrance tunnel from the campuses to the playing fieldwhich will be located between the two benches of substitutes.

In addition to the high screen located above the High Sívori, there will be another one in the Centenario. both will be extra wide panoramic screens and will be three times the size of the current one.

On the other hand, the distribution of the public will be modified, since 71% of the locations will be stalls and the remaining 29% popular. Both behind the arch of the Sívori grandstand and the Centenario, in the current low, plus the lower low to be built, will be popular. Then there will be the lower side stalls, the San Martín and Belgrano stalls and the entire ring of middle stalls. In the case of Centenario and Sívori, these stalls will have no connection with the popular ones.

This is the new lower Belgrano grandstand of the Monumental

“River is no stranger to the economy, inflation. Fortunately, we already paid 60 percent of the work. We were also able to import a good percentage of the components that come from abroad. They are expected to arrive in the country within the next 20 days. We had a cushion of 4 million dollars of excess for the budget of this stage”, admitted Brito.

The future Lower Lower Centennial Grandstand (it will be one of the new popular sectors) It is the one with the greatest progress, since it has 90 percent of the concreting completed.. In addition, the opening of the new Marathon Gate for vehicular entry (in the area adjacent to the Belgrano stalls).

In the boxes of the Centennial, for its part, the work fence was placed for the construction of the new exclusive spaces. Restrooms, grandstand bars and medical posts were also demolished, since 30 new boxes and a 700 m2 24/7 restaurant will be built, with views of the River neighborhood and the playing field, with new circulations and coverings.

The lower lower San Martín has a third of the concreting completed and the single exit tunnel to the playing field is 70 percent advanced. It is expected that in the short term the seats will begin to be placed.

The lower low Sívori finished with the foundation stage (the bases that will support the entire weight of the structure) and the concrete of the new frames is currently being executed. The lower Belgrano low is the most delayed, since it is projected for the next stage.

This is the lower Sivori tribune of the Monumental

The other modifications that will be made in this first period are the new desks in the middle Belgrano grandstand for the press sector (247 seats), 227 new garages (new parking level and covered pedestrian access on the ground floor to the stadium), the enlargement of the Paddock San Martín (from 200 to 500 square metres), new referees’ locker room, new anti-doping control sector, expansion of the gastronomic sector in San Martín media, new audio system and new Medical Department on the ground floor of the Centenario grandstand.

In the second stage, which will also cost around 20 million dollars and is scheduled to be completed in July 2024, the lower ring will be closed. With the works in Belgrano, 46 ​​boxes will be added to the media Sívori and in this way the circulation of the stadium will be closed. Two more parking floors will also be added (402 new garages, completing the five parking levels and a new pedestrian bridge on the upper level, with connection at the box level). In this way it will be able to house 1141 cars.


This is how the works are progressing in the Monumental: why the seats will be gray and where the new tunnel and the giant screens will be
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