Exchange of the year! The tennis parade thrilled. Don’t wake me if I’m still dreaming, the champion blurted out

“Please don’t wake me if it’s still a dream. I’m enjoying it a lot,” gushed the native of Gijon.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful feeling. I won the most valuable title of my career and I don’t even know how to feel. We worked hard all week. I’m not exactly having my best season, but I didn’t stop believing in my team, myself and my game,” the two-time US Open semifinalist and Olympic bronze medalist rejoiced.

At 3:2 in the third set, he then flashed when he was able to break out of an almost hopeless situation, when the Pole drove him to the advertising wall far beyond the baseline, to win the fifteenth.

After Hurkacz’s successful lob, the Spaniard got into a full defensive position and managed to curl the ball over the net in an emergency. But the Pole did not finish the fight for a point, Carreňo took the initiative and eventually won the fifth round.

“Change of the year for Pablo Carreno,” famous tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg sneered on Twitter.



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