European Swimming Championships: the misadventure of Yohann Ndoye Brouard, forced to resort alone after breaking his toe clips

False starts are legion in the basin as on the tartan. What happened Friday in Rome (Italy) at the European Swimming Championships is however exceptional. Yohann Ndoye Brouard almost missed his ticket for the 200m final due to a funny incident. The 21-year-old Frenchman didn’t leave too soon, no, it was his visibly defective toe clips that gave way at the start. While all his competitors were propelling themselves backwards, he was stopped dead in his tracks.

“I said to myself: it’s dead, they’re not going to make me go back. I had tears that came to my eyes, ”he told FranceInfo. The native of Chambéry, big favorite of the event, is indeed helpless in the race. The images of the misadventure of the Tokyo Games, a year earlier, where he had hit the wall during the series of the 100 m backstroke, come to the surface. But this time, the one who suffers from a deformation of the cornea will avoid elimination. The jury logically grants him a second try. Alone in his line, but carried by a whole public that remained for him, Ndoye Brouard cleared his mind and managed a great time.

With a time of 1′56′’39, he easily completed the 1′58′’66 needed to reach the final. The other Frenchman, Mewen Tomac took eighth time. “I wasn’t really alone in this race, it even surprised me [de voir le public]. It gave me strength and I had an adrenaline rush before I left. »

There will therefore be two Frenchmen for the final race. Ndoye Brouard, only semi-finalist of the Worlds in June in Budapest, dreams of gold. Only the Swiss Roman Mityukov did better than him (1′56″22) in the semi-finals. Departure scheduled for 6:10 p.m., if all is well.



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