European Championships: German gymnasts win bronze

BHoped for bronze and actually won bronze: The German gymnasts made history at the European Championships in Munich and won their first ever European Championship medal in a team competition. Almost 10,000 spectators in the Olympic Hall were completely enthusiastic.

In fourth place in the qualification, the quintet of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) remained almost without a fall in the final. Only the German all-around champion Sarah Voss from Cologne, slightly handicapped by a calf injury, fell on the floor at the end of her freestyle. The title went to Italy ahead of Great Britain.

Seitz starts with top performance

The German record champion Elisabeth Seitz started with a top performance on the uneven bars and underlined her ambitions for precious metal on this device on Sunday. Kim Bui (also from Stuttgart), eighth at the European Championships in the all-around, and Emma Malewski from Chemnitz, on the other hand, only just fell short of their ratings from the qualifying round on Thursday.

But on the balance beam, the hosts of the European Championship decisively extended their lead over France, supposed rivals for the bronze medal. All German athletes stayed on the “Zitterbalken”, the French, on the other hand, had four relegations.

With all her routine: Kim Bui

Image: AFP

Voss’ mistake on the floor was ultimately irrelevant, the lead could be maintained on the jump. The DTB team hugged each other jubilantly and the new national coach Gerben Wiersma also raised his arms enthusiastically.



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