England is amazing! The Scottish tough guy shot down his opponent. Result? Yellow!

The Premier League has long been referred to as the toughest football competition. The referees leave a looser yardstick here, they often call seemingly clear fouls, and above all, newcomers in the jerseys of the teams of the English top league are having a hard time. Ecuadorian talent Moises Caicedo could have his say about it after Brighton’s duel against Manchester United on Sunday.

The 20-year-old midfielder, who played only his ninth game in the Premier League, lasted the full ninety minutes on the field, but he was still close to heading into the stadium. In the 25th minute, he was fouled in a very indiscriminate manner by the home team’s Scott McTominay, who kicked the ball far from the boot and stepped on the opponent’s ankle so hard instead of the playing object.

The ugly-looking moment ended with a fall to the ground, where the injured Caicedo stayed for less than two minutes. Referee Paul Tierney decided to take matters into his own hands and gave the Scottish international only a yellow card, surprising most of the crowd. The forty-one-year-old referee was also proved right by the video.

Although the Scottish tough McTominay escaped expulsion, the elimination procedure became a frequently discussed topic not only on social networks after the match. Many compared the situation to Martin Cedidla’s illegal tackle on Slavist playmaker Ewerton, for which the former also received a yellow penalty.

“A clear red card, how come it’s not a red?” wondered one Twitter user. “McTominay again shows he’s playing off the edge. How could it be a yellow card?” another person couldn’t believe his eyes.


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