“Djokovic failed when he had to be an example, he was selfish”

Opinions continue to be divided on the more than possible absence of Novak Djokovic at the US Open after the Serbian tennis player refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, an essential requirement for foreigners who want to enter the United States.

The latest of these criticisms has come from the George Washington University Hospital cardiologist Jonathan Reiner, who was a guest on Patrick McEnroe’s podcast to talk about the case. “When I see someone like Djokovic, someone who has made hundreds of millions of dollars playing tennis, who lives a lucky life, I see him as a kind of symbol of responsibility. public”.

Reiner defends that Djokovic can play at the US Open although he regretted the Serb’s position during the pandemic, going so far as to describe him as selfish. “Even though I think he should play at the US Open, I think he has been completely wrong at the worst moment of the pandemic, when he should be seen as an example and failed to do so. What he has done is very selfish, that is what he has done this winter, it is pure selfishness.”

The doctor also reiterated that athletes are a figure that influences society. “When I look at athletes I see them as role models for the public and that they try to represent the best of us. When guys play baseball or go to the US Open and root for a player, I expect that player to teach me what to do. to reach higher levels in my life. A demonstration of courage, discipline or sacrifice”

Finally, Reiner highlights that, just as the use of the mask does not entail much sacrifice, it also happens with the fact of being vaccinated against the coronavirus. “I think that during the pandemic wearing a mask for the public has not meant much sacrifice and getting vaccinated to protect yourself and the community does not mean that much sacrifice either. It is a statement of your thoughts to your community.”



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