Discovery of Avallon (Yonne), the historic city of Morvan with a rich past, a stone’s throw from the Nièvre

The designation “Most beautiful detours” in France, assures tourists visiting Avallon that the town has an interest both in terms of heritage and reception capacity and therefore that the “detour” is worth it.

Discovery hikes

The city of Avallon offers several routes to discover the city and enjoy its natural and historical heritage. The “Frog circuit” allows you to discover the historic town center of Avallon. The “Circuit du jardinier” offers a walk through the parks and gardens of the city. The “Blue Path”, meanwhile, allows you to walk along the banks of the Cousin, with a route that raises awareness of the environment while retracing the historical past of the river. There is even the possibility of continuing the walk on the GR 13.

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Located on top of a rocky hill, the city is very pleasant to visit, even in very hot weather, when there is always a light breeze to cool off.

A lively city center

One of the points on which the designation “Most beautiful detours” is based is the animation of the city. And, on this side, Avallon does not disappoint. A large number of shops bring the historic center to life, bars-restaurants, but also many shops selling regional products.

The Silo Rouge store, for example, sells seasonal products, but mostly from local producers. There is also Les Caves de la Halle, which sells wines from the region, or the Biscuiterie de Bourgogne which, located about ten kilometers away, has set up a shop in the center of Avallon.

I love Avallon, we walk around, there are lots of things to see, it’s cute, it’s perfect.

A tourist we met during our visit to Avallon (empty)

Alongside these shops, the city also has several museums and exhibition halls that host various events throughout the year. At the moment, an art festival is being held in the Grenier à sel, until August 28, and will host the closing evening of the Festivallon du Jazz, a music festival that begins on August 26.

Lots of activities

In addition to the large number of routes and hikes offered in Avallon, a multitude of activities are available, such as pony rides to visit the Bois Dieu or the Châtelaines Adventure Park, which offers tree climbing, shooting at the bow, all-terrain Segway rides…

During the ballads on the banks of the Cousin, activities are offered to the little ones, with a relaxation area by the river which offers mini-golf (clubs are available on loan at the tourist office) and other more classic activities like slides and swings, there’s something for the whole family.

At the four corners of Avallon

Salt Cellar

The city’s former Grenier a Sel has become an exhibition hall where an arts fair is currently taking place. It is one of the points of culture of the city with the museum of Avallonais, that of the costume and the exhibition hall Saint-Pierre.An art festival takes place in the salt cellar.


By following the various hiking trails offered, the landscape of Avallon is discovered little by little, ramparts, terraced gardens, edges of the river…The ramparts are on one of the hiking trails.

Tourist Office

The “Frog Circuit” allows you to discover the historic district of Avallon by following the bronze arrows bearing the image of the town’s mascot.The frog is the symbol of the city of Avallon.


Open to the public, the collegiate church is one of the city’s most important monuments. In a good state of preservation, you can see paintings, statues and two organs. It is one of the eight points of the city to see absolutely with the Maison des Sires, the Grenier à Sel, the Échauguette, the Avallonnais Museum, the Vauban statue, the Costume Museum and the Clock Tower.Avallon A day in Avallon, Saint-Lazare collegiate church

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