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Germany’s best basketball player |

What does Dirk Nowitzki actually do?

On September 1st in Cologne the Basketball-EM.

And Germany’s legend Dirk Nowitzki (44) is right in the middle. He is an ambassador for the tournament, which runs until September 18th.

But not only that! A very special honor is bestowed on him before the German team’s opening game: his number 14 jersey is pulled under the roof of the hall.

After that, his number in the national team will never be assigned again. Among others, his teammates from the 2002 World Cup (bronze in the USA) and former companions from the NBA will attend the ceremony.

There he played for the Dallas Mavericks for 21 years and won the title for the Texans in 2011.

On April 10, 2019 he ended his career.

Since then he has been living privately in Dallas – together with his wife Jessica and their three children Malaika, Max and Morris.

He also works as a consultant for his Mavericks, helping to find coaches or players.

In general, he is still very connected to the club. A street that has been renamed “Dirk Nowitzki Way” leads directly past the hall. His jersey with the number 41 is already hanging under the hall ceiling. The silhouette of his famous jump shot adorns the field where the Mavericks play. And a statue should be set up in front of the arena in the near future.

From time to time, Nowitzki can be seen at home games. But not when his children are on vacation. Then he travels with the whole family.

This summer the Nowitzkis were in Sweden, where Jessica has her roots. And where Dirk bought a property on a lake. After that he went to Germany, where he played football with various celebrities at the “Champions for Charity” in the Frankfurt stadium.

However, only in goal – his foot gives him problems. That’s why he doesn’t do much sport himself.

What he wants to do professionally in the future is still open. Business people keep coming back to him with investment ideas. He has already invested in a biscuit manufacturer.

However, a future in basketball is more likely. Nowitzki repeatedly emphasizes that he can imagine looking after a young talent.

Just as he was looked after and encouraged by his mentor Holger Geschwindner (76).

Who knows – maybe Dirk Nowitzki will bring out the new Nowitzki…



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