Dinamo Sassari, coach Bucchi ” We will not return to the transfer market to replace Treier ”

For the moment the Dynamo Sassari will not return to the market to find a replacement for Kaspar Treier, injured during the match between Estonia and Latvia. This was confirmed by the coach Piero Bucchi who spoke thus through the columns of The New Sardinia:

“I am very sorry for the absence of Kaspar who is well liked by everyone, luckily during the recovery he will actually miss a month and a half of the season. We know that it is not an easy loss to absorb, but we are convinced that he will come back stronger than before. Re-education has already begun, for this type of injury it is good to immediately mobilize the affected part to prevent it from becoming blocked “.

On the possibility of intervening on the market
“One thought you do it, but there weren’t any players for whom it was worth to upset the roster: we prefer to resist like this. Yes, we will use Jones and (why not?) Devecchi, intelligent player who knows how to move even in that role” .

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