Difficult beginnings, a French champion, a top leader: here are the main results of the weekend of August 6 and 7, 2022

There are those who wince a little and those who show a frank smile. Here are the main sports results of the Icaunais on Saturday August 6 and Sunday August 7, 2022.

Brutal return to L1 for AJA severely beaten in Lille, relive the match with our live commentary

Amical AJ Auxerre B (National 2) 3-0 Saint-Pryve (N2)

Friendly U19 AJ Auxerre 1-1 Brétigny (N3)

Friendly U17 AJ Auxerre 3-1 Brétigny U17


Chablis International 3* Driving Competition, from Wednesday to Sunday in Chemilly-sur-Serein.

Marion Vignaud (France, Yonne couplings) winner in the queen category, that of the solo horse.

Full results available here.


World Championships in Halifax (Canada), from Wednesday to Sunday, with two Olympic canoe-kayak auxerrois (OCKA) licensees.

Eugenie Dorange. C2 500m with Axelle Renard (Société Nautique de Besançon): 2nd in the series; final A: 8e. C1 200m: 6th in series; 5th in the semi-finals (only the first three were qualified for the final).

Francis Mouget. K1 500m: 1st in his heat; 4th in the semi-finals; B-final winner.


USKidsGolf World championship girl 8. Prune Diguerher (Golf du Roncemay) world vice-champion in his age group.


French field shooting championships, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Elite and juniors. Anthony Barbier champion of FranceValentin Corsin (S1, recurve bow, Brienon) 5th.

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All categories. Aurélien Delsart (senior 1, recurve bow, Sentinel of Brienon-sur-Armançon, on the left) vice-champion of France ; Alain Mariani (1st Auxerre Company, S3 BB-arc without sight); Léandre Bernage (minimum, recurve bow, Brienon-sur-Armançon) 5th; Patrick Courault (S3, CL, 1st Auxerre Company) 11th; Joffrey Fauconnier (S1, compound bow, Pourrain) 7th.


Finals of the Saint-Sauveur tournament. Results to come.

AJA back in Ligue 1: share your memories and your impatience

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