DF athletes are called up for the national flag football team

The Men’s Flag Football Team was summoned last Friday (20th) to participate in a Training Camp that will take place in Itapecerica da Serra-SP, between June 25th and 26th. Once again, the DF will be well represented, with five of the 43 summoned leaving the federal capital. Currently, they all play for the Rebeldes do Cerrado team, champion of the Cerrado Bowl in the modality in 2018 and runner-up this year in the Regional Bowl.

Players Charles Wagner and André Sarkis were summoned, who act as blitzers, Sedrick Lima, who serves as infielder, Ruan Athaide, who serves as outfielder and Gabriel Sena, known as Gabriel Macado, who serves as receiver. Apart from Athaide, all the others also play in Fullpad, the traditional American Football, by the Tubarões do Cerrado team.

How is Flag Football?

For those who don’t know, the sport is similar to American Football, with the difference that there is no physical contact to stop the move, only the removal of the flags that the athletes carry around their waists.

From the moment the flag is removed, the move is ended, without stronger contacts and blocks as in the original modality.



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