Deportivo Cali: Michael Ortega statements about Téofilo Gutiérrez and Mayer Candelo | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Deportivo Cali He is going through a very difficult time. In addition to the terrible sports results, the relationship between the coach Mayer Candelo and the great figure Theophilus Gutierrez it seems to be not good at all.

A few days ago, the same strategist assured in ‘La Banda Deportiva’ that the attacker from Barranquilla must recover his form and physical condition to return to the team. In addition to this, he stated that he needs the commitment and dedication of each footballer in the club.

In dialogue with the ‘RCN Super Combo’, Michael Ortegaa midfielder who until a few weeks ago was part of the team, defended Teo and referred to Mayer’s arrival at the Valle del Cauca team.

​“Teo wants to do things well, he is a person who needs a lot of love… he is a great professional, he arrives early, he leaves last.”, he mentioned at first, clearly alluding to the alleged lack of commitment that led him to leave the last calls.

Precisely in this regard he recalled an anecdote (they shared a dressing room between 2021 and 2022): “When Teo missed a training session I told him: ‘you have to score a goal over the weekend’”.

On the other hand, he was full of praise for Mayer. Although he assured that he “the current situation hurts” of the institution, revealed that upon learning that the former soccer player had taken the reins of the team “I regretted having come to Bolivia”. It is worth remembering that the midfielder is a current player of The Strongest.

Finally, he affirmed that under the leadership of Rafael Dudamel he feels that he “missed opportunities” And because of that “I didn’t want to continue anymore”.


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